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Encinitas Music Mixer

Have the best music mixing engineers work on your project!

It’s critical that your music project is mixed by the best music mixing engineer around for it to achieve the best possible sound. Music mixing engineers are not created equal, which is evident on so many tracks. The problem is that although you need the best working on your song, sometimes you don’t have the best budget. This means that you don’t have enough money to travel plus pay for the high costs of production. This is where The Mix Factory can be a big help. They provide the best sound engineers that specialize in mixing and mastering, and you don’t even have to leave home.

Online mixing is both revolutionary and cost-effective. There isn’t a more effective way to have your project professionally mixed and mastered. All you have to do is send your files to them with the secured pre-paid postage slip. Once received, your files will be professionally mixed and mastered by a seasoned online mix engineer in a world class studio. These days, anyone can purchase high-end equipment, but that equipment is useless if the user is unable to manipulate it to its full potential. The mix engineers from The Mix Factory are knowledgeable about the equipment they use, which includes the latest analog hardware and digital tools. Your finished project will be sent back to you for further review once completed. You will have the option to either accept it or request further collaboration.

This all means that you have access to the best sound mixers in the world from anywhere in the world. These are mix engineers that are knowledgeable about everything needed to make your music project exceed all your desires and expectations. The process is extremely simple, effective, and affordable. All you have to do is contact The Mix Factory to get started.

Allen & Heath xone:92 Professional 6 ch Club/D...

Allen & Heath xone:92 Professional 6 ch Club/DJ mixers Nation of Gondwana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Live in Encinitas – Live an Attitude

Cistus albidus at Quail Botanical Gardens in E...

Image via Wikipedia

Named by surfer’s magazine as one of the top 10 surfing destinations in the world, Encinitas still has that old world California feel to it.

Ask its residents, they would not live anywhere else. They love its old world simplicity. It is still one of those places where a surf board is more important than a mobile. Just one of the reasons why buying a home in Encinitas is so appealing.

Encinitas is 25 miles North of San Diego and 90 miles of LA is one of those places where the sun never goes away. The climate is perfect all through the year, never too hot and never too chill. Also called “the flower capital of the world”, the sweet fragrance of flowers linger blissfully in the air.

Along 6 miles of rugged coastline, Encinitas not only has pristine beaches, it also has beautiful mountain terrain too along with the mesa bluffs. Sitting between Batiquitos Lagoon and San Elijo Lagoon, the Encinitas area comprises of approximately 21 sq miles.

Encinitas is composed of Old Encinitas, New Encinitas, Leucadia, Cardiff -by -the sea and Olivenhain. Each area is known for its so called eccentricity but all come together to form what is a unique Encinitas.

Made famous by that Beach boy’s number, Swamis beach is a huge attraction for surfers from all across the country. But do not be fooled into believing that it is all laid back. The energy in this town has attracted many a veritable who’s- who in the art, biotech, and IT world to settle here.

The Quail Botanical gardens a 30 acre forest home to lots of endangered species, rainforests, bamboo groves, a beautiful children’s garden is one of those places where you can get completely lost in nature is a special place for all of residents of Encinitas.

Outside of working on your tan, you can enjoy the serene atmosphere and learn yoga at the temple; beautifully perched overlooking the Pacific. Real estate in Encinitas does not come cheap. There are beach -side and cliff top homes which sell for much more than a million dollars. There are water front condos which could cost up to 750000$.There are Encinitas homes for sale on both side of the Pacific Coast highway. West of the highway, having easy access to the beach are far more expensive than those on the East side.

Living in Encinitas is an attitude; a distinct life style! Depending on how deep your pockets are Encinitas homes for sale vary in style and size.

Finally, talking to a reputed real estate agent to find yourself an Encinitas home for sale would be your best bet. A real estate agent who is able to give you a choice of different kinds of homes depending on your budget and the location you would prefer.

San Diego Home Finder specializes in all kinds of properties in Encinitas. To find out more about Encinitas homes for sale click on Buy homes Encinitas

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Best California Vacation Resorts

Newport Beach California Temple, Dusk

Newport Beach California Temple, Dusk

California is a place with stunning environment and awesome places to visit. You can plan for visit to California without thinking about the issue of accommodation. There are number of resorts which serve the visitors with best of their services. Some of such resorts are as follows:

Four Seasons Resort:

Four Seasons Resort has one golf course in it ground and is known as the best resort in California. It’s colorful flora makes it a delight place to stay. Stunning scenery around the place makes your moments also remarkable.

The golf course present with this resort was designed by Arnold Palmer and unbolted in 1991, its is having 7,007 yards of rolling fairways, a exigent bunker and many more water features. There is an “ocean view hole” which is the biggest feature of this place.

Pelican Hill:

Pelican hill is the second golf resort in California and is also very special just like Four season resort. Pelican Hill is an amazing and a memorable toting up to the most excellent golf holidays in California. This resort caters you with deluxe bedrooms, pacific views, art facilities and other superb services, which makes it more pleasant for stay.

PebbleBeach Resorts:

Pebble Beach Resort is the best place for sheer golfing and in such a cramped space, after visit you will see that one can’t thump a stay at Pebble Beach. This resort owns three premium quality hotels, high-class courses and hence it is rated as number one in USA.

Pebble Beach Golf course was opened in 1919, and having an experience of hosting plentiful competitions, that includes US Open several times and hence it’s always in number one demand.

Resorts- amazing place for golfers:

Golfers who just love to play their game of joy are always curious to visit these resorts and make their game a special thing. Because these golf courses are really very amazing in catering the players with their quality of high class services. You can easily perk up your game and can avail best theories of the golfing lessons that are regularly offered at the resort including other services. Players can also taste the joy of variety of spas in these resorts. Such spa services also refresh the body as well as mood of the players.


Prices of resorts are not that much high that you need to pay out of your pocket size. Resorts grant high quality services but in your range of spending. There are discount schemes and packages available that makes the arrangements more reasonable. So, it’s not at all difficult to carry out a plan for visit to California, you just need to take a break out of your hectic work schedule. Go and experience the devastating joy of trip to California.

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California Vacation Ideas – Why You Should Take The Family To The California Beaches

Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach, California


There are several vacation spots in California that you and your family can enjoy any time of the year, but especially in the summer. The sand, sunshine, surfboards and swimming you get on the California beaches will provide you with a great deal of fun. Some of these spots include are Malibu, Long Beach, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Catalina Island, Laguna Beach, Hermosa Beach, Del Mar, San Diego’s Beach, La Jolla, San Pedro, Torrance Beach and Oxnard.

No matter which of these vacation spots you choose, you will definitely not have a moment of boredom there. As soon as you arrive on the beach you will see that there are numerous California vacation ideas for all kinds of ages and preferences. You can go surfing, swimming, fishing, skateboarding, play beach volleyball, tennis and even golf.

In addition, there are a lot of city parks that your children will find very appealing, as they feature all types of adventure playgrounds, equestrian centers, sport facilities, picnic tables, golf courts and barbecue spots. Even if you spend an entire day at one of these city parks, nobody from your family will get bored. Moreover, if you are still young and want to have a taste of the California nightlife, there is a wide variety of nightclubs to visit, but also theaters and sophisticated dining locations where you can go with your partner.

One of the many great things about California is that the weather here is beautiful throughout the entire year. The summer lasts from July to October, while the winter months are considered November through June. The water temperature on California beaches during summer is around 70 degrees. The air temperature varies in the summer from an average of 76 degrees during the day to 68 degrees during the night, while during the winter the average can drop to 68 during daytime and 56 during night time. Nevertheless, the air temperature may go even higher than 100 degrees in the summer, or drop below freezing some times during the winter.

If you need more California vacation ideas to convince you that this is the ideal destination for you, consider that you will meet an interesting mix of people during your vacation. Most of them will be students and teens, especially in the summer, as this is the time when their school break is. You will have a chance to meet people from all-over-the-world, since California beaches are a top destination for many foreign tourists.

Mary Hodges writes about USA travel and family vacation destinations. You can check out her Disney Theme Park money saving tips at the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

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Get Started in Paddle Boarding

Joe Bark

Paddle Board History

By Thomas Cross 

Surprisingly enough the paddle board has been around for a long time – since the early nineteen hundreds. Thomas Edward Blake is credited as the pioneer in its construction. In 1926, Blake built a replica of the previously ignored olo surfboard (traditionally made from wiliwili wood) ridden by ancient Hawaiian kings. He lightened his redwood replica by drilling it full of holes and then covering them, creating the first ever hollow board. Thus the the first modern paddle board was created. Two years later,in 1928 using this same 16 ft (4.9 m), 120 lb (54 kg) board, Blake won the first ever Mainland surf contest, the Pacific Coast Surf riding Championships, an event integrating both surfing and paddling. Blake’s love for the paddle board was shown back in Hawaii where he would go on to break virtually every established paddling record available. He set half-mile and 100-yard records that stood until 1955.

Using his ~60 pound, drastically modified chambered hollow-board in 1932 Blake out-paddled top California watermen Pete Peterson and Wally Burton in the first ever Mainland to Catalina crossing race (29 miles in 5 hours, 53 minutes). He avidly promoted his creation over the next decade as a lifeguarding rescue tool and Blake-influenced hollow boards (called “cigar boards” by reporters and later “kook boxes” by surfers) would be used in roughly equal proportion to solid plank boards for both paddling and surfing until the late 1930s Hot Curl innovations led wave-riding in a new direction. The fundamentals of Blake’s 1926 design remain relevant even today – only the advancements in materials technologies have made boards much lighter and more versatile in design.

The sport experienced a rebirth in the early 1980s after Los Angeles County lifeguard Rabbi Norm Shifren’s “Waterman Race”. This 22 mile race from Point Dume to Malibu inspired surf journalist Craig Lockwood to begin production on a high quality stock board -known as the “Waterman.” This design remains a popular choice today. Surfboard shapers, Joe Bark from L.A. and Mike Eaton from San Diego began production of paddle boards shortly after the historic race, and soon became two of the largest U.S. makers. Eventually the two began producing nearly half all of the estimated boards made each year in the U.S. today.

L.A. lifeguards Gibby Gibson and Buddy Bohn revived the Catalina Classic event in 1982 for a field of 10 competitors. Around the same time in Hawaii, the annual Independence Day Paddle Board Race from Sunset to Waimea was drawing a few hundred competitors, many using surfboards due to lack of proper paddle boards on the Islands. As paddlers began ordering boards from the Mainland, local surfboard shapers like Dennis Pang (now one of Hawaii’s largest makers) moved quickly to fill the local niche. On both fronts, paddle boarding has been consistently gaining momentum and popularity.

The author is an avid paddle boarder and surfing living in Southern California. For more interesting facts and tips about how to get started in paddle boarding visit http://www.paddle-boards.org.

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Surfing the Outer Banks is a pilgrimage for surfers growing up on the east coast

Kelly Slater surfing in the Boost Mobile Pro e...

Kelly Slater surfing in the Boost Mobile Pro event at Lower Trestles, CA in 2006.

Outer Banks Surf Adventure


Kelly Slater probably said it best…”Surfing the Outer Banks is a pilgrimage for surfers growing up on the east coast”…well maybe those weren’t his exact words but the are true. The reason for this is because you have the chance to get barreled in warm water with very few people around. Other spots might be heavier but you’ll probably be covering yourself in lots of neoprene if you want to score them when it’s ON. It’s no secret that fall in the Outer Banks is the magic time. It’s not just the slowing down in the number of out of state license plates that you’ll see on US 158 that makes it special…it’s the fact that the ocean is warm and very active. You can count on hurricane swell delivering sizable surf to the region and this keeps people coming back year after year.

The oceanic sea floor or shelf that drops off at the edge of this barrier island chain is steeper here than most places along the eastern seaboard and as a result the swells that travel across the Atlantic break with more energy when the finally reach the shore. You’ll hear many surfers describing the waves of the OBX as “packing a punch” or “a bit punchy”.

So we’ve got punchy waves and a sand bar that’s sits out into the Atlantic but what else makes this place special? Is it the wild horses or the pirate folklore or the miles of National Seashore that is home to migratory birds, fish, and wildlife? Or is it the chance to drive your 4wd along the beach after stocking your cooler full of cold beer from one of the drive thru Brew Thrus that you’ll find in the towns of Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head?

Well you might say it’s the sum of all these offerings rather than one individual “thing” that draws surfers back each year to surf the Outer Banks. But honestly I think that the experience is probably more about being in a spot where nature is more of a presence than man. One knows that the east coast of the United States is full of people, in fact the population is growing in many states and cities and it’s difficult to find beaches that aren’t dotted with signs of major development. Come to the Outer Banks and you’ll find towns on that look like they haven’t changed for much of the past 60 years. You’ll drive through protected national seashore that feels like it might not be around in the next 10 to 20 years. You’ll find more wild spaces than hotels and the chance to score perfect sand spitting barrels is just a hop over a sand dune away. If you’re persistent you’ll find that some of the best sandbars aren’t crowded. The obvious piers and jetties will always attract waves and crowds but the fluctuating sandbars keeps things interesting for those who want to search for the perfect wave.

One option for those who don’t have the time to scour the beaches to find the best surf is to book an Outer Banks surf adventure with Surf Adventure Tours. Based out of Kill Devil Hills, this company takes care of all of the logistics for you during your 7 days of surfing the Outer Banks. Nice accommodation, good food, transportation, and most important local surf knowledge are at your disposal.

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Eco-Friendly Surfboard Wax

Waxing a surfboard

Image via Wikipedia

Tips for Waxing a Surfboard



Going green is The Nice Rack’s motto.

And it seems were definitely not alone on this path to make surfing related products more environmentally friendly. Now, you can add eco-friendly surfboard wax to the list of green-friendly surf related products for sale. The resin from surfboards can release dangerous toxins into the ocean while surfing. Well, did you know that 95 percent of surf wax for sale can have the same effect on the environment? However, check out Matunas Surf Wax, an organic alternative that is biodegradable and non-toxic. Matunas uses left over produce from local farms in Santa Cruz, California. Organic fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and jasmine are used for scent. How cool is that?? Also, unlike traditional surf wax, Matuna’s does not include any unnatural chemicals, additives, nor paraffin. That’s a good thing.

Don’t surf? There are alternatives for snowboard wax as well. Magic Potion designs and distributes eco-friendly snowboard wax to promote high gliding performance with low environmental impact. So what does that mean to the mountain? It does not gradually disintegrate in contact with abrasive snow and does not leave any harmful residue. Means mountain is happy:)

So next time you buy surfboard or snowboard wax do nature a favor. Go Green! Chances are the earth will thank you for it by stoking you out with great waves or epic snow conditions.

My name’s Michael Russell I’m the owner of  The Nice Rack

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Best Surfing Spots in the world – France – Costa Rica – Australia – Indonesia – Hawaii


Image via Wikipedia

5 Places to Surf That Have Gnarly Waves

By Hayden Rhodes 


On the right day with a good swell coming out of deep channels the beach breaks in France are some of the best in the world. Swells can increase in size very quickly and if your not surf fit you can find yourself frantically duck diving powerful lips ready to send you spiraling towards the ocean floor. On a good day in France you can expect fantastic powerful and hollow waves that will keep you smiling for years to come.

Costa Rica

There are many exceptional surfing spots in South America yet the wild life combined with intensity of the waves in Costa Rica are hard to beat. Be very careful in certain seasons surfing close to river mouths where crocodiles frequently enter the line up. This certainly is a gnarly situation that no amount of surfing training can prepare for. Crocodiles aside, Costa Rica has some exceptional fast breaking waves that hold good size and picks up a lot of swell from many directions. This sometimes makes in interesting when two different swells arrive on one break to challenge every surfing skill that you have.


Australia is one of the best surfing destinations in the world that produces consistent quality waves. Finding gnarly spots depends on the swell size and location and like Costa Rica comes with a truckload of poisonous and dangerous wild life to steer clear of. If your looking for shallow reefs, rocky points or heavy beach breaks, you will find them all here. Once again, it is a wise move to have your surfing training completed before being humbled by the power of the nice looking Australian waves.


Indonesia is a swell magnet that consists of hundreds of coral reefs and islands producing some of the most consistent, heavy and challenging surf. Getting an adrenaline rush from dropping into waves throughout Indonesia is rite of passage every surfer should at least try to experience. Surfing fitness and surf training is important as swells, currents and shallow reefs and long paddles can test even the strongest of surfers.


Hawaii has always been known as the big wave spot around the world and continues to carry this honor. Anyone wishing to push their limits and find bone crushing waves only has to arrive on the North Shore for the Triple Crown surfing competition and check out the action. Like Indonesia, surfing training and fitness is of paramount importance in Hawaii where many huge waves break over very shallow reefs.

Hayden Rhodes has coached professional and amateur athletes improve their performance through scientific personal training, hormonal testing, nutritional coaching and performance principles.

If you’re a professional surfer or just getting started and want to improve as a surfing athlete then please visit http://SurfTrainingSecrets.com.

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Best Surfer from Hawaii

Duke Kahanamoku

Duke Kahanamoku

Hawaiian Surfing – Duke Kahanamoku

By Christine E Armstrong 

Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku was born in Waikiki on the 24th of August 1890 and went on to become the father of modern surfing. Duke is not a title but a given name after his father who was christened Duke in honour of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh who was visiting Hawaii at the time. Some actually thought he was royalty because of his name but he was a very humble and unassuming man who was always ready to put the record straight.

The eldest of 10 children he had 6 brothers and three sisters, his father was a policeman and his mother a deeply religious woman with a strong sense of family. Growing up on the outskirts of Waikiki he dropped out of school early on and embarked on the life of a beach boy. He grew to 6.1 feet and weighed 190 pounds and had the well-defined upper body that all the great watermen possessed, as amazing as his body was it was his feet and hands that were truly extraordinary, some would say he had fins for feet, the ocean was his home and he had absolutely no fear of it.

Often seen riding the waves of a break called Castles where only a few dared to surf on his 16 foot surfboard made of Koa and without skeg his theory was that big boards were for riding big waves and when he caught one he would yell “COMING DOWN” He didn’t drink or smoke and if in a fight would not punch but slap, he preferred to use his eyes to vocalise what he was thinking, a quiet spoken man who seldom raised his voice, a formidable waterman excelling in rough water swimming, surfing and canoe paddling. Baptised in the ocean according to the ancient custom he was paddled out in a canoe by his uncle and thrown over the side it was swim or else, the family believed they came from the ocean and it was there they would return. His mother encouraged her children to not be afraid of the ocean and there was no restriction as to how far from shore they could venture.

Kahanamoku easily qualified for the US Olympic swimming team in 1912 breaking the record in his 4 x 200 metre trial relay and went on to win the gold in the 100 metre freestyle in Stockholm in 1912 and silver in the relay. In the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp he won gold in both the 100 metres and relay a silver medal in the 1924 Olympics in Paris with his brother winning the bronze medal. He also played for the US water polo team at the 1932 Summer Olympics. Many collectable pieces of his life all original from days past have been stored in Hawaii a tribute to the man who was at the forefront of an art that has now been responsible for creating a healthy sport for those with a love of the ocean. Café walls in Waikiki show an amazing insight into the life of one of the truly great Hawaiians.

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Why not Catalina Island for the Summer: New Attractions and Values Fuel Vacation Rentals on Santa Catalina Island

Crowded summertime beach in Avalon, Santa Cata...

Crowded summertime beach in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California, United States

New Attractions and Values Fuel Vacation Rentals on Santa Catalina Island

One west coast destination that is doing an impressive vacation rental business is Catalina Island, the quaint getaway just 26 miles off the Southern California coast.  Today a substantial number of visitors are opting for accommodations in delightful cottages, nicely appointed private residences, comfortable condominiums and the exclusive Hamilton Cove gated community.  Of course, the island also offers a nice selection of inviting hotels for those that enjoy traditional accommodations. Continue reading Source

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